iPhone 12: everything we know about the new Apple mobile; leaks and rumors

We review everything we know about the next Apple terminal a few days before its presentation.

As usual, Apple will make a new special event this September 2020. A few months ago we saw an update of some of the firm’s products in its WWDC 2020, which was marked as a presentation without a physical audience due to the current pandemic . Everything points to the event on September 15 will know to the new iPhone 12 which we will do a review of leaks and rumors that have come so far.

We will see a notch on your ultra-fast screen

Let’s start by talking about the data that is rumored about the design of the iPhone 12 . On your screen we would not see many changes at the aesthetic level since months ago there was talk that the terminal would not carry notch. Finally, some photos leaked on the Weibo social network a few months ago revealed that the display, which will be manufactured by Samsung and LG , will have a tab at the top as we have seen in previous models. Without leaving the front, the screen would have a refresh rate of no less than 120 Hz , something that the most gamers will appreciate when seeing a very fluid screen in movement.

We move on to the external aspect, to the general structure of the terminal, where the iPhone 12 leaks suggest that we will have a different device than what we have seen in previous years. Based on the model we saw three months ago, the iPhone 12’s design ditches the rounded bezels as it has done until now . Instead, it will be a nod to the iPhone 5 series , which looked like a structure embedded in a metal frame that protruded slightly from the sides of the device. The arrangement of the buttons would continue as before, but what is a big question is the arrangement of the cameras. Some claim that the Pro Max will have up to four lenses, but nothing is clear on that.

iphone 12 weibo

The first iPhone with 5G?

Many were left with the desire to see an iPhone 11 5G last year, even if it had been in the Pro Max variant. The competition has been working with these chips for a long time, but it seems that this will be the year in which the Cupertino ones make the leap. And it is that the rumors and leaks of the iPhone 12 suggest that Apple has worked to provide the latest in connectivity to your device. But for this you will need help from outside, possibly from Qualcomm with its X55 modem integrated into a class A chip from the Californian house.

What is not yet known is whether this capacity will be intended for a single model or will it be one more variant to be chosen by the consumer. What does seem clear is that his departure date will not be in September, but in October . Specifically, it will be October 12 the day that it will supposedly go on sale and everything is due to the inclusion of the possible 5G chip in addition to the delay in manufacturing due to the pandemic.

a13 bionic

The price of the four terminals

We could not miss the opportunity to rescue some extra data that has been leaked from the iPhone 12 . The first may be a relief for many because everything indicates that the iPhone 12 will continue to be compatible with the Lightning cable , although it will bring a USB C adapter . If so, the Cupertino people would pay a little attention to the demands of Europe to standardize the physical connection of their smartphone. However, we would only see the adapter in the box, because there are rumors that the iPhone 12 will not come with a charger or headphones in the box .

iphone 12 4

Along these lines, you may have wondered if there is something that is known about the price of the mobile and the answer is yes. Back in April we already learned of the possible cost of the four variants of the iPhone 12 . Yes, this time we could see four devices of the same line that would be 749 euros for the standard iPhone 12, 849 euros for the iPhone 12 Max, 1,049 euros for the iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone 12 Pro Max for 1,149 euros. Remember that these prices are not official, but if so, they would be those referred to the most basic configurations.

As we told you at the beginning, the event will be this Tuesday, September 15 at 7:00 p.m. in Spain. At this time these leaks of the iPhone 12 will be confirmed or denied thanks to the fact that it will be Apple itself that will give the official data of the terminals.

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