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They present a mobile that changes color: electrochromic glass

You no longer have to choose what color you want for your smartphone. Vivo creates a technology that allows you to change it.

“What color do I choose it?” That’s one of the rants you face when you buy a new mobile. What color do you like more? And sometimes it does not matter, because you are going to protect the mobile with a cover to avoid misfortunes. But still, or if you are one of those who does not use a cover or is transparent, color is an important question, because you will be seeing that device for at least 1-2 years every day.

Therefore, you have to decide. But what if it wasn’t necessary? What if a type of material were invented for the body of the mobile that would allow the user to modify the color of the casing whenever they wanted, now white, now dark blue? Well, it already exists, and Vivo has created it.

Electrochromic Glass

Vivo, the smartphone brand from Chinese manufacturer BBK Electronics, is developing a mobile phone that features a color-changing glass on the back. The company has posted a video on the network of ‘microblogging’ Chinese Weibo in which shows a mobile phone with this technology called “electrochromic glass’, which allows changing the color scheme of the back of the device at the touch of a button.

As we can see, the housing of the terminal goes from an almost transparent tone to a light blue and then more intense, to then return to a silver tone. And all this with a single button thanks to the material that makes up its body. How does it work? The technology Vivo is working on is based on electrochromic glass, a type of smart glass that loses transparency when an electrical current is applied to it .

A sheet of this glass is made up of two layers of glass on the two outer faces and, between them, by a series of layers of transparent materials that have the quality of making one of them lose the transparency when staining a color (generally blue and green). This phenomenon happens when an electrical voltage is applied to it, and when the current is reversed, the process also reverses, thus recovering transparency. And given its nature, it is possible to adjust the degree of darkness to the desired level, which makes it possible to change color and intensity. 

And the battery?

It is logical to think that this purely aesthetic function can dangerously drain the energy resources of the terminal, but Vivo suggests that the device has been designed for low power consumption, so it is expected that the battery life will not be too affected. for this new function – we imagine that as long as it is used in a moderate way, of course.

When will it arrive? It is not known, since Vivo works on that technology but it is unknown when the mobile that uses it for the first time will launch. Although, without a doubt, it is one of those things that could become a standard by default in all smartphones.