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PS VR: Sony wants to advance its virtual reality experiences

The company wants to continue to give players reasons to trust PlayStation VR on PS5, which will be compatible with the console.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will continue to bet on PlayStation VR for years to come. After the launch of its first virtual reality peripheral at the end of 2016, the Japanese company wants to continue putting efforts in the content that will arrive on the device soon , which will be compatible with PS5 .

In a document published this past August 28, the company repeats that “it plans to offer content from a wide variety of genres and formats” for the arrival of its new console, PlayStation 5 , among which is the fact that ” make advances in unique and immersive interactive experiences, such as virtual reality ”. One of the first titles of 2021 that have confirmed compatibility with PlayStation VR is Hitman 3 , which can be enjoyed in first person from start to finish with the peripheral on both PS4 and PS5.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

Sony works on a new virtual reality device

On August 17, we learned from Sony Corporation that the company was beginning to develop a new virtual reality device ; although they did not explicitly mention that it was a new model of PlayStation VR, but simply that it is a “new generation of virtual reality headsets.”

After prominent titles in terms of exclusives such as Astro Bot: Rescue Mission or Marvel’s Iron-Man VR, Sony will continue to support the peripheral, whose penetration in the market has been slow and at the same time continued. The community claims, however, that an eventual future PS VR model manages to get rid of the cables and thus become a totally wireless solution.

In that same administrative document, Sony reveals that it has in its plans the arrival of new exclusive PlayStation games on PC as well as the purchase of new studios (notably, in 2019 they were made with Insomniac Games) and the acceleration of exclusive first party launches on PS5.

The PS5 release date is unknown, as is its price. Here we go over all the confirmed games for the new generation of Sony for 2020 .