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Tricks Apple: How to test the microphone connected to your Mac

We tell you how to set the sound level of the microphone connected to your Mac computer.


Any brand of computers puts an audio input and output in their laptops to have everything necessary in the device. However, desktop computers need the support of other devices for their sound characteristics to work. If you already have your headphones with a microphone or you have the latter free for your Apple computer, we will tell you how to test your Mac’s microphone.

Here’s how to check the microphone on Mac

If you are the owner of a Mac computer you will know that it incorporates its own microphone. However, you can always use other hardware that you have for this purpose and that can give you a better result. We are not going to tell you anything about its installation, since it is something as simple as connecting and activating automatically, but if we tell you how you can test the micro on Mac.

Why do you need to check the microphone? The answer is simple and is to calibrate the sound of the device. The operating system places a limit on the default audio input, but this may not be the best level. Therefore, to calibrate this sound level you have to follow the following steps:

  • Open System Preferences

  • Click on sound preferences

  • In Sound go to the Input tab

  • Select microphone you want to test

  • Now you will have to do a test to see if the level moves, so you will know that you have selected the correct device

  • You just have to control the limit in the lower bar and continue with the tests to see if it sounds good.

To know that the level is correct you will have to place the maximum in the yellow part, since if it goes to the red zone the audio may be distorted. This will work for any audio device you connect to your Mac.

On the other hand, we remind you that there are applications that have their own audio system. That is, you can calibrate each application with the level that you want to customize. This will not affect the configuration of the device, so you can make the changes you need.