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IOS tricks: how to use Google Chrome as the default browser

Do you want to use Google Chrome as your default browser on iOS? we tell you how to do it.

If you have an iPhone, you already have an Internet browsing app installed, which is none other than Safari. The bitten apple makes it easy for you to start browsing from your smartphone, but you may need another application or you may feel more comfortable with another browser. This may be the case with Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge or even Google Chrome and if you want to change the default browser, we will tell you how you can achieve it.

How to use Google Chrome as the default browser

Safari is the default navigation app on iOS, whether you like it or not. It is a good browser, but it is true that each user has their preferences. Thanks to this there are several programs to choose from, and how you can do it, we will tell you how you can use Google Chrome as the default browser on your Apple mobile.

The procedure is very simple and to start you have to do something as simple as download Google Chrome on your Apple device . That’s easy, you just have to search for it in the App Store and download it, but now it’s the next step. Within settings you have to look for the Shortcuts, which is better that you use the search engine on your device. Here you have to activate security when sharing, which has a section called Allow unreliable shortcuts. Don’t worry, activate it without fear and accept the authorization.

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Now you just have to open the iCloud link that we leave you from the shortcut Open in Chrome in Safari. Once the page has loaded you must touch the “Get direct access” button. Now you have it on your machine and you only need a link to test it. Of course, to open the link directly in Chrome you have to press the three points of the link and give the share button to the new shortcut, then you will have it available in your favorite browser.

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