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500 mobile apps discovered that stole your GPS data

The Wall Street Journal has discovered an American company that was profiting with millions of geopositioning data.

Anomaly Six – the name already makes one doubt – is a contractor for Defense and Intelligence Agencies of the thousands used by the United States Government. And as such, the company distributes a ‘software’ development kit (SDK) that is used in more than 500 apps. A kit that Anomaly Six has used to profit from stealing user data.

500 apps that stole your GPS data

Let’s go back to the kit that Anomaly Six distributes, since it is the key: that SDK, inserted directly in the mobile applications, requests the permission of the users during the installation and later allows the American company, based in Virginia, to access the location GPS of millions of people.

Why does a Defense USA contractor need access to the geopositioning of millions of users? Easy: to steal that data, keep it and sell it to a number of private clients, and even to the US government agencies themselves.

Commissions to government agencies

It was The Wall Street Journal that discovered the company and its illegal practices, through an investigation published on its website . In this way, A nomaly Six earned money from all the companies that bought that data from them and from the American agencies – although it is not known which, if the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, Homeland Security …

The company even took money from the applications themselves using the SDK, which had to pay a commission for Anomaly Six to give them the kit, and then the company paid the app developers with a portion of their profits.

Millions of customers affected

At the moment, the data that interests us the most is not known, since the identity of the 500 applications with the Anomaly Six SDK has not yet been revealed and we do not know what they are, simply that “they have hundreds of millions of users throughout the world ”according to the Wall Street Journal, which is not a consolation either because we are talking about millions of users in danger.

And although some did mention it, in most cases “the apps did not report the collection of GPS data in their privacy policies .”

Without a doubt, the funniest thing of all is Anomaly Six’s cheap USA ‘patriotism’, as it had the detail that the GPS data it collected from American users was only sold to private clients , and not to government agencies, for prevent them from spying on their compatriots.